Early on in my career, it became apparent that poor wiring jobs were letting down customers who had good intentions. Vehicles were being brought to me to be tuned, where the customer had spent good money on an ECU, engine and considerable time had been spent on wiring, only to spend the majority of the time on the dyno diagnosing misfires.

As a tuner first, I understand what a wiring loom has to do, and typically as I am the one that will tune the final product, a lot of care is taken as to the correct wire, heat shrink and connectors to be used for each application. Too many times have I seen a vehicle that has been wired or assembled by someone else and then shovelled out the door for it to become somebody else’s problem.

This is where a quality job can be priceless!

Motec in Mecedes
mercedes wiring loom
mercedes dash